Jesus - Thank you for saving, redeeming & loving me. All of this is for You. My greatest hope is that people will draw nearer to You through every part of these songs. Thank you for your kindness to me through this whole process. I love You

Dad, Mom & Jenn - I love you & am so thankful for a family that loves me far more than I deserve. Thank you for blessing me financially & prayerfully in every ministry Ive ever been involved in. I am so grateful for your investment in me. What a gift it is to be in a family centered on Jesus. Thank you for teaching me truth since I was little & living that truth out beyond your words. 

Donna - thank you for teaching me that learning how to hold things loosely is vital in ministry & life with Jesus. Thank you for believing in the gifts you saw the Lord growing in me years ago. Your hands, time, & creativity made this EP possible. Thank you for believing in me. I am SO grateful for you, friend; Lizi - thank you for producing, playing, singing & lending your genius! I absolutely love the way you helped me communicate my heart & music. Thank you for being an example of a godly wife, mom & musician. Thanks for teaching me not to take myself too seriously. So glad to call you friend; Shauna - you have inspired me more than you know. The way you consistently look for creative ways to communicate your heart & your hope in Jesus has ministered to me tremendously.  Thank you for investing in me. Thank you for helping me write Harvest & Foolish Heart. Thank you for your generosity, your friendship, & for always making me feel like the funniest person in the roomwhich I am of course, always ; Jill - Thank you for the time & creativity you willingly invested in each song. I love learning from you.  Heres to more writing sessions & making more ice cream over Skype; Steph - thank you for every moment youve invested in me, spoken truth to me, loved me, challenged me & prayed for me. I am beyond grateful for the role youve played in my walk with Jesus. You are a mark of the Lords grace & kindness.  

Daniel - you are the man! Thank you for everything you did. Ive loved every opportunity Ive had to work with you; Trey Roth, Jason Hoard & BLack Cat Studios- thank you so much for your investment in this record & my music. I'm so thankful for you & your willingness to lend your time & talent to mix Come Awake! Thanks!; Craig, Andrew & Ryan- thank you for your time & creativity, I love what each one of you added to the music.

My Sterling house roomies (Blair, Jess, Kell, & Ash) - this season is sweeter because of you girls. Thank you for loving me unconditionally & teaching me over & over what it looks like to pursue the Lord. Love you deep; Abbey & Andrea - thankful to the Lord for the years of friendship weve had. You are both a reminder of the Lords kindness & faithfulness to me. Thank you loving me, challenging me & holding me accountable in following Jesus. I know Him more because of you.; Amy, Aubrey, Anna, Rachel, Blaire, Sarah, Jen, Lydia, Collin, Megan, Steph B., Cooper, Kailee, Steph M., Amanda & Lindsey- thank you all for your continual love & support. Thank you for every text, letter or encouraging word you have given me over the past several years. Thankful for the gift of friendships.

Aunt Lisa, Uncle Robby & Aunt Karen, Judy & Stan, Mirkwood House Church people, FBC New Braunfels, Kay Altic, Lucretia & David Smithers, Kelly & Abe, Bro. Ed & Mrs. Judy- thank you for your prayers & support!; My extended family- love you all deeply, hope this music ministers to you! Thank you for all your excitement & for being my biggest fans; Carolyn Jones- thank you for feeding us! Your generosity & care for me the past few years has been a gift; Brian, Jada, Kiva & Judson- love being Aunt Ashley & so grateful for the ways youve invited me into your home & family. Love yall; Ben, Matthew & Brandon- thank you for lending me your wives during this process, thankful for each of you; Will & Seanzy- brothers, thank you for your support & friendship; George- boss man, thank you for your encouragement & backing, as well as killer dance moves to my music. Thankful for a boss that leads his staff well; Blake, Shellie & the students & staff of Central Baptist Church, College Station- thank you for your encouragement & support. Thankful to work with you!; Bridget & Christy - Thank you for letting me walk with you! You have loved and encouraged me greatly! Love you girls; Masterpiece Conference,Breakaway Ministries, TbarM Camps & Aggie Sisters for Christ - thank you for letting me serve with you through my days as a student & even after.