Come Awake is an EP written and recorded from the overflow of the love of Jesus poured over my heart.  This record has been a journey and I'm excited share it with you. I invite you to make yourself at home here. Thank you for stopping by to listen.  
                                                                       - Ashley

Words & Music by: Ashley Brusenhan & Jill DeZwaan

Verse 1:
Come awake, tired heart
Lift your head, weary soul
He never fails, His strength endures
Let His grace fill your cup
His Words on your tongue
His love is true, His death has won
No more stumbling in the night
No more shame standing in the light

Come Awake, run away
From all that weighs you down
Love will break every chain
Place your feet on solid ground
Come undone, you are loved
Sing Jesus Saves
His grace overcomes
Oh child of Gods risen Son
Come Awake

Verse 2:
Rise up, troubled one
Walk along, restless child
His way is good, He leads in peace
Let Him calm all your storms
His arms be your rest
His burdens light, His joy complete

The King wants to wash your feet tonight
Oh, Hell be your souls delight
The King wants to wash your feet tonight

Words & Music By: Ashley Brusenhan, Jill DeZwaan, Lizi Bailey, & Shauna Maness

Verse 1:
Lord make this foolish heart a humble one
Let the kindness in your eyes be my delight
Make the hope of Truth my hiding place
And Your heart the fortress I run to

You hold all the world inside Your hands yet You think of me
Your love is more than I can understand
Raise Your voice above my fears
Father, lead me

Verse 2
Lord, make this restless heart a peaceful one
Let the light of Your Word lead me on
Make my broken heart Your resting place
And Your voice the comfort I cling to

Words & Music By: Ashley Brusenhan & Jill DeZwaan

Verse 1:
Walking around Jericho waiting for the walls to fall
I know Your wounds are faithful after all the ways
You have carried me through this life
I'll wait on You

Steady my heart with your hand
In the shadows of this fortress made of sand
Keep the promise in my mind
Hope fulfilled is a tree of life
Keep me walking, keep me walking

Verse 2:
I want to be faithful, full and complete
I want all that You, You want for me in this life
So be near me, help me carry on
I'll wait on You

Words & Music By: Ashley Brusenhan, Shauna Maness, Lizi Bailey & Donna Stuart

Verse 1:
Close my eyes
Keep me from the left and right
Set my attentions on You
Living Water, rain
Growing every seed
Sown in faith's belief

Tiller of the ground, Stirrer of our hearts
Bring a harvest tonight
Take what weighs us down, Breaking up this ground
Bring a harvest tonight

Verse 2:
Sweet Redeemer, move
Making all things new
As I draw near to you

Send Your rain down, we are thirsty, we are thirsty
Hear us crying out, for Your mercy, Lord have mercy