Come Awake

I’ve had the privilege of being on the prayer team for a ministry called Jesus Said Love. Their heart is to minister the gospel to the marginalized, specifically strippers & truckers. My roommate, Kellie, heads up the team in Bryan/College Station that ministers to women at the local strip club. Through Kellie, I've seen how deeply the Lord cares for & wants to redeem these women. He is not shocked by anything they or we have done. After meeting a few of them & praying for them over this past year of being on the JSL prayer team, I started writing this song with the hope that one day their souls will be awakened to the Truth that Jesus loves them & longs to call them daughters. As I was working on the song, I kept thinking about the woman in Luke 7 that washed Jesus feet with her tears. Jesus loved this woman & honored her faith by freely offering His forgiveness & blessing. I really believe it to be the character of Jesus that in that moment, He would have sat her in His chair & washed her feet as she had done to Him. What a humble King! What a gift that He does that with all of His children- washes us clean & forgives us!

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Foolish Heart

The words of this song are a daily prayer of mine. I deeply desire for the Lord to teach me what humility looks like & that my heart would be a resting place for Him. I want His voice to be the loudest voice I hear and that my heart would be quick to respond. The life of David has ministered to me more than any other person in the Scriptures, & several of his Psalms are the foundation of this song. David often wrote about the Creator of the universe knowing us intimately. Psalm 139 is something I want my life to minister & speak to the people around me. Foolish Heart is my response to this sweet truth I've been learning over the past several years of following Jesus.


"I just feel like I’m walking around Jericho waiting for the walls to fall." These were the words of my sweet friend in response to her hope being deferred (Prov. 13:12) This friend has taught me, through her years of longing in the Lord for children, how to consistently walk in hope. She’s taught me how to let go of expectations & trust that Jesus is better in all things. A few days after this conversation, I was headed to a writing retreat for my EP. On the way to the location, the trip got canceled due to a full flight. My heart sank, not knowing when/how the next step to finishing the EP would happen. As I went home, spent time praying and asking the Lord for direction, I remembered my friend’s words. In the middle of her hope being pushed aside, she still believed a tree of life would be present when the Lord fulfilled her longing. My faith was built up and I began asking the Lord for that same faith- that He would steady my heart with His hand and remind of His promise. When we start asking in faith and the Lord starts answering, what seemed like an impossible wall to tear down becomes sand in His hands.

There have been moments in my walk that I have felt wounded by the Lord, only to find He was allowing certain things to take place in order to bring ultimate healing. His wounds can be trusted. He is always faithful to bring healing to a heart that’s surrendered to Him. And what’s even sweeter is in every season He has us in, He wants to teach us more of His character and Truth. My hope is that in every season I’m in, my heart will be in a posture to receive everything the Lord wants me to. I don’t want to leave a season without having learned everything He intended for me to learn.

...AND that friend now has a beautiful adopted son and recently found out she is pregnant and due this fall!!! God is faithful and good!


Harvest was a word that came up a lot last year in my time with the Lord. I began recalling the many ways the Lord had been faithful to me since an early age & felt like He had me in a season of Harvest. I had just graduated from Texas A&M, started my first job as a college girls minister (which was the answer to many prayers & longings the Lord had placed in me throughout college), & was in an overall season of receiving from the Lord. There were days where I would literally be in tears just recalling the kindness of the Lord & the ways He was generously answering prayers I had long prayed. My hope is that my life would be a picture of the way the Lord faithfully leads His children. 

During a worship time with some friends, one of them began describing the Spirit as a tiller of the ground. He works and tears up hard ground- the deep parts of our hearts that need to be healed and brings a harvest of redemption and life in His timing. When we cry, He is merciful to hear His children and respond to their needs. This picture of the Lords character ministered to me deeply and became a new cry for me- that the Lord would constantly tear up rough ground and bring a harvest of His Truth and goodness.